Workplace adjustment reviews and support take place in the individual’s own workspace or in a suitable room nearby.

Workplace Adjustment Review

A workplace adjustment review (WAR) involves using a variety of methodologies in order to identify appropriate support strategies and equipment so that an employee is able to fully utilise their skills and abilities. The assessor takes into consideration any disabilities or limiting conditions that may be impacting on how the employee is carrying out the required duties of their employed role. The review can assist organisations to meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

Workplace Adjustment Support

Job coaching

Based on recommendations made in the Workplace Adjustment Review, one-to-one support will be delivered to the individual in their workplace. The support will identify key elements of the individual’s role in the organisation and tasks that need to be completed. The job coach will then develop practical techniques with the individual to prioritise tasks and complete them efficiently. Techniques can include time management strategies, use of the Assistive Technology (AT) software on offer and effective organisation of the individual’s workspace and filing system.


Based on recommendations made in the Workplace Adjustment Review, one-to-one support will be delivered to the individual in a private area of their workplace. Mentoring is recommended for individuals who are coping with anxiety, stress and other mental health difficulties in the workplace. Support is provided by suitably-qualified and experienced professional mentors and allows the individual a confidential space to discuss their mental health in relation to their work. The mentor will then introduce coping strategies to assist the individual in completing their workload whilst managing their difficulties.

We provide both reviews and support nationally.

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More information

The assessors who work for Contact Associates are highly experienced in the field of assistive technology and are able to assess, review, demonstrate and recommend the appropriate assistive technology or human support that an employee may require. Prior to the review, the assessor will collate details of the employee’s limiting condition or disability as well as the requirements of the employee’s current post. The assessor will then meet the employee and any other relevant stakeholder, such as a line manager or HR representative, to identify difficulties that the employee has or may have. When all the information has been collated and reviewed, the assessor will demonstrate and fully discuss potential recommendations, allowing the employee to trial any relevant equipment. Once this process has been completed, the assessor will write a detailed report clearly identifying and recommending the appropriate support and referencing any relevant evidence. This report will then go through a detailed quality assurance process before being submitted to the employer and employee.

The submitted report and action taken on recommendations can be considered as ‘reasonable adjustment’ under the Equality Act 2010. The assessor can also assist management by recommending necessary training, strategies to support work processes or further support if required.

Although the assessor is the main point of contact for the employee they are supported by an experienced administrative team, which includes a dedicated and specialist quality assurance group.

This team is overseen by a manager with extensive experience and expertise in carrying out WARs and producing reports for employees and other stakeholders.

All our workplace assessors attend regular CPD sessions where their expertise in the areas of disability, limiting conditions, support and equipment is updated.

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