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Information for Assessors & NMH Rates


Sound Support‘s NMH Rates can be found here.

At Sound Support we offer a bespoke service to each student and their institution. We currently offer Specialist Study Skills Support (SpLD and AS) and Specialist Mentors (MH and AS) across various locations in England.

  • We are a fully accredited DSA-QAG NMH Provider
  • We are able to provide interim support
  • We are able to meet each student’s need to support them via their preferred delivery method; face-to-face, accommodation and remotely i.e. Skype.
  • We provide support in quiet, comfortable and confidential locations whether this is at their university/college or in one of our offices in their town/city.
  • If you have an unusual request for support, please contact us on with your request or call on 01823 273060. We will respond within 3 working days to confirm whether we can provide the support.