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Help with DSA for Student Services


Sound Support‘s head office is based in Taunton, Somerset and has a dedicated team to co-ordinate the support provided to students and the student services departments within education settings.

  • We are a relatively small service provider, part of a larger community which enables us to provide tailored support plans to students and their student services whilst also having all the benefits of being able to constantly improve and grow our support network.
  • We have access to 1:1 office spaces in locations across the UK if there is limited space on campus or was the student’s preference.
  • We are able to provide interim support.
  • We are more than happy to arrange a meeting with student support departments to discuss our provision and to regularly keep each other informed of student support and the changes that can occur within the sector.
  • We request, receive and review feedback from each student and institution regularly so that we can improve upon our service.
  • We attend seminars and complete CPD to keep us informed of new practices and policies within the sector and to widen our knowledge and skills of supporting adults with disabilities and learning difficulties.

If you are a disability advisor within an education setting and you would like to talk to us about providing support for your students either through receipt of DSA or privately-funded please contact us on 01823 273060 or

If you would like to arrange for someone to come along and provide general information about Specialist Study Skills and Specialist Mentoring to your students and/or staff, please do get in touch on the details above.